Prediction PS TNI Vs Sriwijaya FC: Guests Are Positive

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Prediction PS TNI Vs Sriwijaya FC: Guests Are Positive

Sriwijaya FC will be hosted by PS TNI in the 31st week of League 1 2017 at Pakansari Stadium, Cibinong, Bogor Regency, Wednesday (25/10/2017). Warriors Wong Kito is wary of host threats even though they are currently in good shape after being unbeaten in the last three games.

Sriwijaya FC coach, Hartono Ruslan, assess PS TNI can surprise his team. It can be done host who rely on many young players in his squad.

“PS TNI is a team that has great fighting power and mobility. However, in this match Sriwijaya FC lucky enough because it will play with full strength, no players affected by injury or received punishment card accumulation, “said Hartono.

According to him, it wants to continue the positive trend in the away game when winning 3-2 at home Perseru Serui, 14 October. “This season, we’ve had 3 wins outside the cage. This will we try to continue against PS TNI later, “he said.

Meanwhile, Sriwijaya FC captain Yu Hyun-koo admitted to not worrying about the speed of young PS PS players. “This season is a bit unique and different. I think now is not a problem of young players or speed alone. In my view the mental factor will be very influential. No team is really superior, all can beat each other, “he said.

TNI PS trainer, Rudi Eka Priyambada, said the match against Sriwijaya FC will be very important for his side. “Now we are ready and forget the game against Bali United because tomorrow the final party for us. Of course the TNI PS should not throw away the opportunity and as soon as possible must secure the position in the standings to be separated from the relegation zone, “he said.

Rudy claimed to have pocketed the weaknesses of the opposing team and will try to stop key players Sriwijaya FC. “Their strength is in the flank area. In that sector, Sriwijaya FC have players of good quality, average goals also from cross. As for players I think Hilton (Moreira) and Beto (Goncalves) should we be aware, “he said.

In addition, the former Celebest FC coach reminded his foster children to be wary of crucial minutes. “We often conceded in the final minutes, they should not think it’s safe before the game, sometimes they concentrate just 40 minutes and communication should also be improved against Sriwijaya FC,” he writes.

Player Forecast

PS TNI (4-3-2-1): True Amirudin; Ganjar Mukti, Manahati Lestusen, Franklin Anzite, Abduh Lestaluhu; Roni Sugeng, Agil Munawar; Erwin Ramdani, Redouane Zerzouri, Wawan Febriyanto; Sansan Fauzi.

Coach: Rudy Eka Priyambada

Sriwijaya FC (4-2-3-1): Firmansyah Password; Marco Meraudje, Yanto Basna, M Robby, Achmad Faris; Yu Hyun-koo, Manda Cingi; Nur Iskandar, Tijani Belaid, Hilton Moreira; Alberto Goncalves

Coach: Hartono Ruslan

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