Lukaku: MU Should Be Shown More Efficiently

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Lukaku: MU Should Be Shown More Efficiently

After the victory from Everton, Manchester United striker Romelu Lukaku hopes his team can perform more efficiently in front of goal.

In the game, Manchester United managed to win four goals from The Toffees. Even so, three of their four goals were created by The Red Devils, in the final minutes of the game, and the players want to see MU can ensure the results of the game more quickly.

“In the first half, we should be able to create more goals,” the Belgian striker told reporters. “We did not perform quite effectively.”

“Everton created trouble in our midfield, and at the break of the first half, the manager gave us some tips for solving those problems.”

“In the second half, Everton is more control of the game. But in the end, it is quality that differentiates scores from both teams. “

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