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3 Coached Serie A Coaches are Fired

Serie A Italian League 2017/2018 season has entered the seventh week. So far, Napoli has been the only team capable of wiping out the entire victory. That result also makes I Partenopei firmly at the top of the standings with 21 points.

Juventus and Inter Milan are also still maintaining a positive trend. Both are under Napoli, with each winning six wins and one draw. While the two teams of the capital, Lazio and AS Roma, still maintain competition in the top.

As for AC Milan, who has poured 230 million euros in funds to buy 11 new players in the transfer market last summer, has swallowed three defeats. Among others 1-4 by Lazio in the third week, 0-2 from Sampdoria in the sixth week, and last 0-2 from AS Roma on Sunday (2/10/2017). With four wins in the other match, I Rossoneri is currently ranked seventh in the standings with 12 points.

Meanwhile, three promotional clubs so far are not much move. The new SPAL are gathering 5 points, Hellas Verona 3 points, and Benevento swallowing defeats in all matches and sinking at the bottom of the table.

All of these results will certainly have an impact on their respective club coaches. Those who succeed bring positive results, will get flattery. Conversely, the coaches who failed to realize the expectations of the club, his position would be unsafe.

Of the 20 coaches currently in charge of Serie A clubs, Liputan6.com summarizes three of them in danger of being sacked. Here’s the list:

Luigi Delneri

Luigi Delneri’s position in Udinese’s coaching stance was on the edge, following five defeats that have occurred since Serie A this season rolled. At home alone, Udinese has swallowed two defeats, among others from Chievo Verona (1-2), from Torino (2-3). Three other defeats are obtained when they travel to the headquarters of SPAL (2-3), AC Milan (1-2), and AS Roma (1-3).

“My dismissal is almost certain, not just simply,” Delneri told Sky Sport Italia.

However, victory over Sampdoria last Saturday at least extended Delneri’s breath. Unmitigated, the team that conquered AC Milan in the previous week was successfully beaten with a score of 4-0.

“We need the strength to step over our feet and dismiss my goodbye ideas to this club,” said the 67-year-old coach.

Delneri has been training Udinese since last season. As a seasoned coach, the Italian coach has trained 17 different clubs throughout his coaching career. Among others he had menukangi Chievo Verona, AS Roma, Atalanta, Juventus, and FC Porto.

Ivan Juric

Ivan Juric is likely to be sacked for a second time by Genoa in the near future. It was not apart from the poor performance of this season’s Genoa. Of the seven matches that have been played, Rossoblu only able to achieve two points from two draws. The result makes them ranked 19th in the standings.

Signal sacking Juric was strengthened after the defeat of 0-1 from Bologna at its own headquarters, Marassi Stadium, on Saturday (30/09/2017). According to Gazetta Sportiva daily, Juric’s career in Genoa will end sooner than expected. In fact, Genoa mentioned will take advantage of an international break to dismiss the 42-year coach and find a replacement soon.

Juric himself has been sacked by Genoa on February 19, 2017 and then after a 0-5 defeat of Pescara. He was later replaced by Andrea Mandorlini. However, two months later, exactly 10 April, Juric was re-appointed because Genoa is getting worse under the tutelage of the Mandorlini.

However, so far, Juric has failed to pay the trust of the club who pointed it back a second time.

Vincenzo Montella

Not just bottom clubs, top club coaches are also not safe if the results achieved do not match expectations. An example is Vincenzo Montella at AC Milan. Despite spending 230 million euros on players’ spending in the transfer market last summer, the Rossoneri have been unable to compete with Napoli, Juventus and Inter Milan at the top of the table.

In fact, AC Milan have swallowed three embarrassing defeats in seven games in Serie A. Finally, I Rossoneri beaten AS Roma 0-2 at San Siro on Sunday (2/10/2017). These results make Montella increasingly unsafe position.

Milanisti have voiced the dismissal of Montella since last week, when their favorite team beat Sampdoria two goals in Marassi. They are busy writing the #Montellaout tagar as an expression of their disappointment.

The owner of AC Milan also got angry with the policy of Montella who reserve a number of new players who have been purchased for a small price. However, so far Montella still get the trust of the club management.

“We have just seven games. We have a new team, so no coach has a magical touch. You can not get good results just like that. We have a group of players who need to be a team. So as far as we are concerned, Montella is working well. We just need to hope that hard work will bring important results, “said AC Milan sporting director Massimiliano Mirabelli told Sky Sport Italia.

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